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About PlayCoach

Children all across America grow up playing football in their backyards. Neighborhood games are a big part of summer, and when teams huddle up, plays are drawn in the dirt, the palm of a hand, or on the football itself. That was our experience, both as children and now as parents, and that's how PlayCoach was born.

It seemed that our games would be so much easier if the offensive patterns, or "routes", existed directly on the football we were playing with. Instead of pulling your shirt tight and drawing plays out on your chest, everyone huddles around the ball, everyone knows the plan, and the game is easy. "Jason run Route 1. Steve, you run Route 5. Ready, break!"


playcoach football with running routes

PlayCoach™ makes it simple.  

PlayCoach™ Footballs are specifically designed to give young footballers exactly what they need to step in and play right away — no experience necessary. All nine of the most basic routes are printed right onto our built-to-last, high-quality, hand-made footballs, so everyone on the team knows the game plan, all the time. PlayCoach™ makes the game easier to understand. Our footballs make the game fun!