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PlayCoach Football
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Perfect football!

I have 7 young kids and 6 of them are boys. One of our favorite activities is to run patterns in the back yard. First, this ball is a quality football. Soft leather. We have had a few "leather" footballs that feel like plastic. Second, my kids LOVE the patterns printed on the ball. It makes playing so easy. We LOVE having the patterns printed on the ball!

- Nathan on April 23, 2017

Great quality football! Whole family loves it!

This football has been so fun! It has made it so our whole family can play together because the plays are right on the ball. Whenever we are headed to the park or the beach our son always brings this ball with him. This is a great quality football that will get your whole family involved! Would buy over and over again.

- Megan on April 4, 2020

You need this football!

We have 3 boys and we are trying to teach them how to play basic football and this is the best option to ensure they are learning the basics. The plays are right on the ball so it allows me to quickly teach the plays to them so they can execute them. This is the perfect ball for football players of all ages.

- Nicholas on April 3, 2020

Quality football with excellent features!

I have 4 boys and they love to play just about any sport. This is a very high quality football that looks like it will last the test of time. We are pretty rough on things, but after a few days of throwing it around the yard, house, street, etc, it hardly shows a sign of wear. The built in plays give them great options as beginners, and gives them a base to build on for more advanced plays.

- Ben on May 8, 2017

Best coaching football in the market!

Great football, for training, learning to throw and catch as well as the basic passing routes. The material is composite like but is softer than the traditional composite balls so the grip and tack is really improved. Is not a hard ball so your kids will enjoy the play with no worries, and is more solid and heavy vs. the PlayBook by Franklin so more close to the real thing.

- Salvador on November 2, 2018

Footballs with plays on it, what an idea!

Love this football and idea! We use ours all the time with our kids. It really turns our backyard football games into a fun time. The football itself is really well made and has lasted even when we play in the snow. We are big Brees fans here so our kids were all over that too. Great football and great idea!!

- Brittany on March 26, 2020

Learn the Game With Our Original Football

With PlayCoach, all you have to do is point and play! Pick one of the nine routes on the ball, and you're good to go. When the whole team knows what the play is, the game becomes simple AND fun. Get your handmade, durable, and high-quality PlayCoach Original Football in junior or peewee, and get ready for years of playtime.