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The Drew Brees-endorsed PlayCoach™ football helps young athletes visually understand the art of pass patterns with 10 primary routes printed right on the skin of the ball. Athletes not only have fun on the field, but the ball helps to make sense of how teams work together.

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The PlayCoach Football

Available in PeeWee (6-9) and Junior (10-12). Free shipping!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower millions of kids to learn the game and develop confidence.

In collaboration with Drew Brees, we created a product to help kids learn the fundamentals of football. PlayCoach is a simple patented product with powerful results. Research shows that 83% of people learn by seeing, and studies also show that we follow directions 323% better when visuals are used when learning.

We believe that developing skills in sports can help kids build confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives - PlayCoach is the beginning of that journey. 

PlayCoach Story

Unique Benefits

10 Imprinted Routes

Our patented design has 10 primary routes printed directly on the skin of the football. This unique concept help kids visually learn the basics of the game.

Unparalleled Control

The unique grip and tack of the ball offer unparalleled control for precise throws and kicks. Impress the team with accurate and consistent flight on every playing field

MVP Endorsed

The PlayCoach ball was inspected for quality and durability and is endorsed by future Hall of Famer, Drew Brees. Also, the official ball for Drew's football league - Football 'N' America.

Drew Brees / Football 'N' America Collaboration

The Official Ball of Football 'N' America

The PlayCoach™ football's patented design was inspected for quality and durability, and is endorsed by Superbowl MVP and future Hall of Famer, Drew Brees. Youth football leagues across the country use the PlayCoach football, including Drew's very own league Football 'N' America.

Everyone will soon learn the game, build friendships, and have fun using PlayCoach. The bottom line, this is the best way for young athletes to learn and enjoy the game, and the best agree.

Football 'N' America

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We are always excited to hear from you. Your questions and feedback help us grow and take our service to the next level for future footballers. 

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