Change The Way You Learn the Game

Drew Brees and PlayCoach Partner Up


Designed by Kids, for Kids

PlayCoach™ footballs make the game easy to understand and fun to play. Using a simple design, the nine basic routes are etched directly on the skin of the football with a durable finish that guarantees years of game time. One of the unique benefits of PlayCoach™ is that it helps kids understand the art of pass patterns while marrying the ball with each route. By using this design, young players not only have fun on the field, but the ball helps them make sense of how the team works together. Plus, they can study the routes off the field, before the next game or in between practices. We think the game of football is best learned, and best enjoyed, on the field, and PlayCoach™ brings the chalkboard out of the classroom.

Kids playing with a PlayCoach football

Football 'N' America

The PlayCoach™ football's patented design was inspected for quality and durability, and is endorsed by NFL player and future Hall of Famer, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Youth football leagues across the country will be using the PlayCoach™ football starting this fall, including Drew's very own league Football 'N' America. Everyone will soon be learning to the game, building friendships, and having fun using PlayCoach™. Bottom line, this is the best way for young athletes to learn and enjoy the game, and the best agree.

Drew Brees with PlayCoach