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Children across America grow up playing football in their backyards, on the beach, or on the street. Neighborhood games are a big part of life, and when teams huddle up, plays are drawn in the dirt, on the palm of a hand, or on the football itself. That was our experience, both as children and now as parents. And that's how PlayCoach was born...

One day, while playing football with his son Boston, Jake Stewart (founder of PlayCoach) kept drawing the plays he wanted his son to run on his palm. Boston's mom noticed this and asked, "why don't you just draw the plays on the ball with a marker?" The idea was born, and Jake and Boston worked together to design, prototype, and test their vision until it was perfect and ready for other footballers to experience.

The ball is made with the ten primary routes printed directly on the skin of the football and a durable finish that guarantees years of game time.

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower millions of kids to learn the game and develop confidence.

We set out to create a product to help kids learn the fundamentals of football and develop confidence. PlayCoach is a simple patented product with powerful results. Research shows that 83% of people learn by seeing, and studies also show that we follow directions 323% better when visuals are utilized in learning. We believe that developing skills in sports can help kids build confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives - PlayCoach is the beginning of that journey. 

When exposed to the idea, NFL quarterback Drew Brees immediately recognized the value of using football as an educational tool for young players. So much so that PlayCoach is now the exclusive ball provider for Drew's FNA Leagues. Drew is also a PlayCoach owner, product ambassador, and enthusiast.

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The PlayCoach team is committed to youth development and creating quality products that empower youth athletes to learn the game and build confidence - setting them up for success today and into the future.

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