PlayCoach was born on a napkin drawing by a 10-year-old football player, Boston, and his family.  The idea was prompted when Boston's
 dad kept drawing on his palm the plays he wanted him to run.  Boston's mom noticed this and asked, "why don't you just draw the plays on the ball?" They worked together to design, prototype and test their idea until it was perfect.

Learn While You Play

PlayCoach football
s are simple, fun and long-lasting. Made with the nine basic routes etched directly on the skin of the football and a durable finish that guarantees years of game time. 

When exposed to the idea, NFL quarterback Drew Bree's immediately recognized the value of using football as an educational tool for young players.  So much so that PlayCoach is now the exclusive ball provider for Drew's FNA Leagues.  He is also a product ambassador and enthusiast.

PlayCoach Partner Drew Brees

PlayCoach is One-of-a-kind

Our equipment is made with 
high-quality materials that provide unparalleled
control, consistent performance, and long-lasting durability.

This design helps kids understand the art of pass patterns while marrying the ball with each route. By using this design, young players not only have fun on the field, but the ball helps them make sense of how the team works together.